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Testing the “Shuzi” Sports Band

Merseyside Skeptics visit a local rugby club to put the Shuzi Flat Black Sports Bracelet to the test.

Stock footage supplied by:
The Royal Institution & iSaudeBrasil
used under a Creative Commons license

Music by
Kevin MacLeod
used under a Creative Commons license


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dude’s a badass.

Fuck yeah.


dude’s a badass.

Fuck yeah.

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Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens debating against the motion that The Catholic Church is a Force For Good.(end result against the motion).

I shall be watching this tonight.


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More about this programme: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b018nn7l Professor Brian Cox gets more than he asks for when Simon Pegg and Professor Jim Al-Khalili help him demonstrate the idea of standing waves in a lecture at the Royal Institution of Great Britain filmed for the BBC.

A clip from Springwatch (BBC) showing just why ravens are totally brilliant.

More Attenborough speaking about religion.

Sir David Attenborough’s view on Science & Religion - Life on Air


Fantastic stand-up comedy from Dara O’Briain addressing various delusions and the media’s unfathomable need for ‘balance’ in some debates.

I love Dara. Genius.

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Oh Internet, why?

Oh Internet, why?